American Growler Inc.


121 N. Green Street

PO Box 430

Robbins NC 27325

(910) 948-2114

An All-American, Veteran-Owned, small-business serving America’s defense needs—helping to defend the walls.



American Growler—located in Robbins NC is an OEM that builds new state of the art vehicles for the US military.


American Growler also has the following capabilities for reset of military vehicles to zero time.

  • Over 10 years experience building zero time vehicles from M151 Mutt drive trains for foreign militaries.
  • Experience with application of a variety of diesel engines
  • 50,000 square feet of dedicated air-conditioned and heated manufacturing space located on 8 acres.
  • On-site test track for vehicle shake-down prior to delivery.
  • Trained workforce with certified welders for all types of metals.
  • Drive in sandblast booth with post phosphate wash.
  • In-house heated paint booth capable of applying CARC or other coatings.
  • Rail service to the front door—also located 15 miles from Interstate 73 for truck shipments.
  • Engine clean room and test facility to allow operation of engines outside of vehicles.


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